The God of Parking

Billy Monday was the descendent of a Greek God living a quiet life running a bookstore in Boston. He only used his godly powers to keep it from snowing on his block. 

That is until the city decided to tear down his store to build a parking garage.

They say you can't fight city hall, but...

No Flying Saucers

O.K. so there are no such things as flying saucers or little green men.


But, what if you spent eight months aboard an alien space ship?


How would you explain it to your best friends?


What would you say to make them believe you?

Factory Town

What would happen if a jolly old elf tried to set up a factory in a down and out town with high unemployment?


Would they praise Caesar or try to bury him?

Moses and the Ten (Thousand) Commandments

This is the story of the conversation between God and Moses on Mount Sinai.


You can argue with God, but you can’t argue with chicken salad.

Wizard of Ong's Hat

Ong's Hat is a town in the South Jersey Pine Barrens with a population of zero, but a few people live there anyway. What would you call an old guy who could command lightening with his finger tips, trap people with light, and shoot them with sound?


Some people might call him a Wizard.  


Sometimes people just aren’t ready to hear the answer or even the question. Layton Purdy asked, “Why does it rain so much in Florida and so little in Arizona?” The next thing he knew one Secret Service Agent pressed his face into the carpet, another had a knee on his back and a third one held a gun on him. At that moment, two thoughts crossed his mind. First, the carpets in the Oval Office are really soft, and second, President Theresa Brandt looks really tall from down here.

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