It is the near future. Earth’s population is 39 billion. The pressures of overcrowding could set off a world-wide conflagration. Never the less, the Colonial Bureau has only let a handful of people emigrate to tiny outposts on Mars. Alexander Stoneheart, an atmospheric physicist, teams up with a rogue company, Rutherford Engineering, to terriform Mars setting up a battle between entrenched bureaucrats and the company.

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Mars has been terriformed and settled by a billion people, but it’s clear mankind needs more space to expand. Alexander Stoneheart and Rutherford Engineering figure out how to convert Jupiter into a minor star, warming its moons and making them suitable for terraforming. Of course this creates new conflicts between earth’s government and Rutherford Engineering. Part of the process involved shifting Jupiter’s moons to a different orbit. Earth’s government interfered with the process at a crucial moment and a loose moon may be headed toward earth.

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