Jack English was just getting out of the shower when his house shook so hard, it almost knocked him off his feet. A Mercedes Benz had crashed through his front door. A tranquilizer dart stuck out of the driver’s neck. He was a Philadelphia lawyer hired to file a whistle blower suit against a pharmaceuticals company suspected of manufacturing drugs for organized crime. And then, the murders began. Available on Amazon

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Cait O’Malley, a newly minted Ph.D., was hired to develop a particle beam weapon for the Navy. Initially, she said it was impossible, but over the course of two years, she and her team built a device that was lethal at five miles. While she was out of town, her boss test fired the weapon and accidently shot down a commercial airliner. Part of the fuselage slams into a car driven by Jack English, an Atlantic City lawyer. He survives and works with O’Malley to expose the cover-up. Available on Amazon 

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Asher Wren, a guy nobody has ever heard of, shows up in Philadelphia and buys an insurance company out of bankruptcy with forty million dollars’ worth of gold. When asked where he got the gold, he says, “From my gold mine.” Nobody questions him until he tries to buy a pharmaceuticals company. Buckley Mills Forrester, an accountant, is expected to rubber stamp the deal but when he starts asking questions, people with the answers start dying. Available on Amazon.

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In 1933, President Roosevelt ordered all Americans to turn in their gold to the Federal Reserve. Do you think the industrialists, bootleggers and mobsters of the day, did it? Would you, do it? And since they probably wanted to keep the whereabouts of that gold secret, they probably didn’t tell anybody where it was. They may have gone to their graves with the secret. Wil Kiley, a modern day, investigative reporter thinks he can find it. Along the way, he runs up against the District Attorney, mobsters, a mystery woman and a woman good with power tools. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Available on Amazon.

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Stealing is easy. Getting away with it is hard. Mathew St. Augustine’s “gift” was that he could visualize the reaction to every action before anyone else could. It wasn’t much as superpowers went, but it helped him steal $10 billion from the  Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and get away with it. Available on Amazon

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All Jack English wanted to do was represent a cop killed in a helicopter accident. He ended up covered in gasoline, clinging to a beer cooler fifty miles out in the Atlantic with a storm coming in and a mad man trying to set him on fire. Available on Amazon







John Adams Insurance sent Morgan McDonald to investigate a computer fraud in its Guatemala subsidiary. While digging into the fraud he stumbled onto a nuclear nightmare. Available on Amazon