Who is Jack English?


Who is Jack English?

That seems like as good a place as any to start a blog.

Jack English, the character is featured in the novels The Newest Babylon, currently on Amazon; Crash, which should be on Amazon by Christmas 2016, and a novel in progress currently titled Drugged.

THEN, there is Jack English, the writer. Don’t confuse the two even though there are similarities.

Jack English the character was in the Army and a boxer. Jack English writer was in the Navy not the Army. Jack English the writer never boxed. His official Navy records indicate he was a systems analyst. Right.

Of course Jack English is the writer’s pen name. Think of Jack English as a brand, a style of writing that cuts across the novels and short stories discussed here.




Someone once said, “The mark of an educated mind is to be able to entertain two ideas at once.” One idea is that Jack English is a novel character; one idea is that Jack English is a writer’s pen name.

Jack English, the character, is like a perfectly cooked steak. But even the greatest steak lover wants barbeque once in a while. That’s why Jack English, the writer, has other novels centered on other characters.

His two Sci-Fi novels, Maker of Worlds and Maker of Suns available on Amazon, revolve around an atmospheric physicist named Alexander Stoneheart.

The principal characters in Archimedes Principal, which should be on Amazon by Christmas 2016, are Buckley Mills Forrester, an auditor and Becker, a spikey haired tattooed woman who happens to be a computer genius.

The principal characters in Crime Watch are Wilson Kiley, an investigative radio reporter, Stephanie Turlow, a woman good with power tools, and a mystery woman who refuses to reveal her name. Crime Watch should be on Amazon by Christmas 2016.

Matthew St. Augustine is the principal character in Wired. He is great at software and even better at anticipating people’s moves and counter moves and that keeps him way ahead of the FBI. Did I mention he stole $10 billion from the Federal Reserve? Wired is available on Amazon.

And so it goes. Jack English, the character isn’t in every novel or short story, but the writing sensibility, the pace, the narrative form of Jack English the writer cuts across all the writing in Jack English Stories.

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