“Drugged” a Jack English novel is now available on Amazon

My latest novel, Drugged, is now available on Amazon.

Brenda O’Rourke is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and owner of a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company, a company she built from scratch, by herself. Some of her drugs end up in the hands of organized crime. The lawyer hired to bring a whistle blower suit against O’Rourke dies on Jack English’s doorstep. And then the murders began.

I have also started a new novel, Down at the Stern. Jack English and three of his buddies go deep sea fishing fifty miles off the coast of Atlantic City. They find an abandoned cargo ship. It is half sunk and has been stripped of everything including the lightbulbs. But English finds the captain’s journal which says the ship was chartered by the Iraqi army just before Gulf War 2 to keep gold and cash out of the hands of the Americans. What happens next, Jack English couldn’t guess in a million years. Can you?

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